Compilation highlights indie/alternative/punk scene

You may have seen the Whistle Pig Music compilation on our weekly Top 10 bestsellers list. It’s been on and off the list (mostly on) since it was released in October. Whistle Pig is really Whistle Pig Korean, a Bozeman restaurant about less than a block from our store on South Willson Avenue that hosts periodic showcases of local bands. Those showcases are especially focused on punk and harder indie and alternative rock music.

“That’s kind of me,” Whistle Pig Korean’s co-owner Ross Franklin said in an article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. “I lived in Korea, I married a Korean girl and I like punk music.”

The album features 15 tracks recorded during the Whistle Pig showcases and features (in the order they appear on the album): Chairea, Modern Sons, The Sleepless Elite, Battle Stations, Zenitram, S.B.D., Panther Car, LIV, Tiny Iota, Tevin James Apedaile, Peace On Earth, Party Like Thieves, Bearcat 9000, Quinn Conley and Grant Atticus. Find more music from many of these musicians in in the store.

“There are a lot of bands working in Bozeman right now that don’t fit into the bluegrass and folk mainstream,” the back of the CD sleeve reads. “This compilation celebrated the musical underground. Let’s build the scene.”

To support Franklin’s efforts, pick up a copy of the Whistle Pig Music compilation at Cactus for only $5 and check out a show (listings are on the Whistle Pig website and Facebook). The Whistle Pig showcases all-ages and offered for a suggested $5 donation. Franklin also brings in touring bands to larger area venues.