WE'VE MOVED! COME SEE US AT 2742 W. MAIN, BOZEMAN, MT 59718 (across from Gallatin Valley Mall, between Rook's Games and The Montana Science Center)


Do you accept checks?

No, sorry, we are unable to accept checks.  Fool us once, shame on you, etc.

Can you fix a turntable?

No, we are unable to repair turntables, although we can recommend some great records to spin on them!

What do you sell?

We carry turntables, incense, clothes, tapestries, tapes, CDs, toys, jewelry, body jewelry, greeting cards, stickers, magnets, buttons, hatpins, hats, flags, banners, bandanas, sarongs (soright!), barbell for your tongue, local postcards, coloring books, novelties, prayer flags, record frames, posters, seasonal gifts, products featuring the visage of liberal justice RBG, etc!

Are you a head shop?

No, but we carry Cheech and Chong socks and underwear, and some have called our staff intoxicating.

Can I bring my pet in?

Only if they are well-behaved and leashed. Please ensure they are as potty-trained as you are. That goes for your children too.

Can you guys perform piercings in-store?

No, sorry, we can only sell you the body jewelry, not install it.

Do you buy used music?

Yes, our used-music buyer(s) is always on the lookout for cool records, CDs and tapes, although our needs at any given time are subject to change.

Are you a concert venue?

Not really, although we sometimes host free in-store performances especially for events like record store day, Christmas stroll and other special occasions in exchange for tips and the ability to sell merchandise directly to customers. Very occasionally we can work out some form of reimbursement.  Contact us if you are interested in that.

Are you concert promoters?
No. But you can learn about upcoming events by looking at the promotional flyers in our store
Will you carry my jewelry, CD, t-shirt design, art, etc?

Maybe!  Your CD, very likely, your jewelry, etc, is a little less likely.  It would depend on available space, cost, and whether it is a good fit for us.

Will you list something on eBay for us?

No, but we may buy it from you outright if the product is a good fit for our store, i.e., used music.

Do you sell gift certificates?


Will you hold this record until two weeks from now when I get paid?

No, but we’ll hold it for you for a couple days?

Do you want a pony?

Yes please, but you must board it and we will come visit it.

Do you have a bathroom?
Yes! Ask a helpful Cactus staff member and they will direct you there.
Are you open every day?

We are open 7 days a week but we close for Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Years, Easter, Labor Day, Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

Can I bring my food or drink in the store?

Yes, but please don’t spill anything on the products or, you know, you gotta buy it.

What?! You don't have my favorite record and you call yourself a record store?

Maybe we don’t at the moment because records come and go, but we’d be more than happy to special order it for you provided our distributor carries it.

I bought a t-shirt but forgot that I am very fat/very thin/very tall -- can I return the shirt even though I took the tag off?

Yes, if you have a receipt

Will anything I buy on my Cactus Club Account accrue points?
Yes, everything but Gift Certificates, Sale Items, Turntables, Speakers, and potentially a few other audio accessories.
If I shoplift from or otherwise burgle your locally-owned independent store will I be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law?

Yes, and then some. 

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