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  • Pinky and the Floyd: WHEN THE TIGERS BROKE FREE - A FAREWELL TO KRISTA & JENI night #2
    October 26, 2019
    8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Saturday, October 26th at The Rialto

$34.50 in-store, tickets available online through Logjam Presents.

Doors 7, Music 8

All Ages

“When the Tigers Broke Free – A Farewell to Krista & Jeni” will be a 2 night spectacle at Bozemanʼs Rialto Theater, October 25-26. The show will give you one last chance to hear Krista & Jeni belt it out and will feature several spotlights on the ladies including a full “Meddle,” a full “Dark Side of the Moon,” and other popular selections that allow the girls to shine!

The Girls are Leaving, why!?

The lovely ladies of Pinky have decided to step aside from the band to focus on work, families, and life. This news is absolutely devastating for the band, but we fully support their decision. Pinky is a family and each individualʼs wellness is our priority. Thus, from our hearts, we feel their contributions to the work of Pinky need to be celebrated! Being a “backup singer” in a tribute band doesnʼt seem like a big deal, but as you all know, what these ladies do on stage and for the music does far more than “back up.” They are powerhouse vocalists that bring down the house with every note. Passionate, articulate, and professional, they perform at the highest level with every passing show. And beyond the singing, hold us together emotionally. They encourage us, inspire us, and lift us to new heights. Without them, weʼd be half the band we are today.

The Future?

As to the future of Pinky, only time will tell, but know that we are in deep discussion on how we will continue to bring you great music! For now, we want to focus on celebrating the lovely ladies and offer you one last chance to bask in their voices.

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